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Long Hair, Don't Care

Destiny is proud to offer Invisible Bead Extensions. The most comfortable method  on the market using high quality hand-tied wefts.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my extensions cost?
How Often will I have to come in? How long does the hair last?
Will my hair be super long?
The price for extensions varies greatly! Since it is such a customized service, it really depends on a variety of factors. It is best to do a consultation in person to give you a personalized quote.
IBE usually requires a move up about every 8 weeks. Some guest like 7 weeks, some guest are fine with 10 weeks. The hair will last anywhere from 6-12 months. This is quite a range because a lot depends on you! Over brushing or too much heat can cause wear and tear on your hair. But if you take amazing care of it, it can last quite a long time!
That is completely up to you! Destiny offers extensions for length, density, style or a combination of all 3. Destiny is able to get high-quality hair for you at several lengths to meet your needs and she an expert on blending for a natural result.
How much more maintenance will they be? Can I still have an active lifestyle?
Will extensions damage my hair?

What Kinda of product do I need to use?

Destiny recommends using high quality professional products only on your mane! She will have these all on hand for your convenience to purchase when you sit in her chair.
Extensions do have potential, if they have not been taken care for properly. IBE is incredibly safe for your hair with its incredibly methodology. With proper maintenance from you at home and with Destiny's experience, you will have a safe way to give yourself the hair of your dreams!
Interested in Extensions ?
New extensions guest welcome! Let's find out if Invisible Bead Extensions are right for you. Click the button below to book your consultation. Destiny has found that scheduling a consultation is the best way to find out if IBE is right for you. Destiny looks forward meeting you.
The maintenance aspect is a subjective conversation. It really depends on how much hair you are adding. Technically, one row will be less maintenance than two or three rows, however, it doesn't have to be more work than you think. In fact, at times it may be less work for you. Extensions can hold their styles for days, and since extensions are tied on without adhesives, working out or getting your sweat on is not an issue. You really can have best of both worlds!
What's Next
Destiny is an IBE Elite Artist. This mean Destiny has the experience and the hours of continuing education to be a specialist in IBE. She only uses the highest quality hair extensions on the market and work with a variety of manufacturers to deliver the very best hair experience for you.

Thank You for your interest in IBE.

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