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The Benefits of Having a Blonde Hair Specialist When Getting Hair Highlights

If you are looking to lighten your hair, adding hair highlights can give you the touch of blonde you are after to lighten your hair, without having to commit to a full-on blonde look. Unfortunately, the best way to get blonde highlights is through the use of bleach. Bleach can be damaging to your hair in a number of ways, since it is harsh. Having a blonde hair specialist help you with highlights can help you to minimize the amount of damage done to your hair while allowing you to still lighten your hair.


One of the ways that a blonde hair specialist can help you is by using the right volume of bleach on your hair. The volume determines how your hair will lift and lighten with bleach in it and how long it should sit on your hair. You want the lowest volume possible to lift and lighten your hair to minimize damage to your hair. A blonde hair specialist may also use treatments, including protein treatments, during or after the lightening process to help strengthen your hair after treatment. This helps your hair to heal and recover from bleach weakening your hair strands. Finally, a professional can work with you to only place bleach on the needed areas, such as facial framing on mohawk highlights, to give you the lightening you want without damaging all of your hair.


Are you looking to take your look lighter and lighten or brighten your hair? If so, hair highlights may be the perfect option for you. Here at Destiny's Beauty Touch, I am a blonde hair specialist who can help you to lighten your hair while minimizing the damage that products such as bleach cause. Book an appointment with me, a blonde hair specialist today.


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