Who Should Consider Getting a Balayage Style From a Hair Colorist?

Balayage is one trendy hair style that can be done by a hair colorist. In most cases, it consists of having darker roots and lighter hair at the bottom. Streaks are then added to blend the color, making it seem that the hair gradually gets lighter as you travel from the roots to the bottom. This type of hair style is perfect for certain types of people who are looking for certain types of looks. Here are a few of the people who should consider getting a balayage hair style from a hair colorist.

One of the groups of people who should consider a balayage hairstyle is someone who is looking to grow their current color out. if you have bleached hair, but you want to start letting your natural hair color grow in, it can be hard, as bleached hair does not always hold hair dye. As such, you may have dark roots and blonde ends. A balayage can work to create some balance between the two, allowing you to grow out your natural color without looking like you have two tone hair. Another person who can benefit from this hairstyle is someone who wants to create a lighter look but does not want to commit to going fully blonde or fully lighter. Not all of your hair is lightened, so you get the benefit of being a little lighter without fully committing to the look.

Are you looking to lighten some of your hair or are you looking to grow out your current color? If so, balayage is perfect for you. Here at Destiny's Beauty Touch, this is just one of the many styles I offer. Contact me today to book an appointment with a hair colorist and be on your way to great hair.


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